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Most people say that they would like to be ‘rich’, or say that they would like to have more money than they do right now.

Many people think that they will get rich by winning the lottery, creating a new invention, or some other ‘get rich quick scheme’. The only reliable way of creating good long-term wealth is by doing it the old-fashioned way.

You need to spend less than what you earn, and set some money aside for investing into things that will grow in value over time. This may be by buying a house, having a business, or by investing into shares. We will look more at these different options later, but for now, decide to get rich slowly, and stay rich forever! Jeremy Britton is the author of ìWhoís taking Your Money? (and how to get some of it back!)

How to..
Present a radio show

In preparing for our show we choose what music we want to play, what we want to say and who we want to interview.

During the show we deliver announcements, news, conversations and interviews and play songs and stings. Sometimes we will juggle decks, a computer, microphones and an iPod all at once to keep the flow of the show going!

To be a good presenter you need to be able to talk clearly, have a good collection of music and it helps if you are funny or interesting! If you are starting out you may volunteer to host a show on a community station. The best advice is to be prepared and to have fun!

Serena & Indi Star present the
Bad Jelly Show on Bondi FM

Digital Know How

Be a friend, not a bystander

Watching or forwarding mean messages empowers bullies and hurts victims even more. If you can, tell bullies to stop or let them know harassment makes people look stupid and mean. It's time to let bullies know their behavior is unacceptable - cruel abuse of fellow human beings. If you can't stop the bully, at least try to help the victim and report the behavior.

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Following a Dream Day 28. Ups and downs!

‘I am sitting on a hot water bottle as I write this! After all the early starts for training, the sore muscles, eating healthy, working out and the panting and sweating I have strained my back playing with my puppy! I felt a little sorry for myself for a few hours and then decided that I would sit down, rest for a few days and then get back on track. As soon as I cheered myself up I got a call from Adidas who want to sponsor my run... Yippee! I acted super cool until I hung up the phone and then did a little ‘sit down dance’ on the couch!

It is amazing how you can feel on top of the world and then down in the dumps and then on top of the world again all in one day! Bring it on!‘

Jane Doe’s goal is to run an ultra marathon in the Sahara Desert in June 2009

Girl Jumping

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"Not everyone can go out and do huge things, but you can do small things around the house. I have a veggie garden, I am careful about recycling and if I see someone has left a light on I turn it off. I also store old cars instead of scrapping them but that is just me!" - Daniel 19
"I think lit,tering is stupid. You see people all the time walking through the city dropping rubbish next to a bin."- James 15
Job Talk

Work Experience Work Experience At the moment, Australia has a shortage of people with skills in lots of areas. That means employers are looking for people to work with them and not finding them.

This is a great opportunity to work on getting your dream job!

To get your foot in the door, volunteer your services to a relevant organisation to develop the skills you will need.

Keep doing what you love to build your skills and credibility and create your own business i.e. if you think you want to be a makeup artist for TV, or a mechanic, or an actor, or a florist, keep doing it in your own time and approach a business or someone working in that field to get some work experience.

- Bronwynne Jones