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What is it all about

Pebble Park is a unique online platform that acknowledges children’s intelligence, their maturity, and empowers them in leading the Digital Generation to reshape the culture of online activities.

Although today’s children are smarter than ever, without our assistance they would still have to reinvent wheels. We invite all interested parties to collaborate to guide and empower our future leaders in the challenges that they face today and into the future. Not only do they contend with tackling Online Safety, they are also concerned about work, the environment, managing their personal responsibility and developing their Leadership spirit.

Developed specifically for Australian children, Pebble Park assists them to attain the skills necessary to proactively arm themselves against online threats in a fun, safe and nurturing environment. Children self moderate and support each other to reduce cyber bullying, learn about and share digital citizenship and develop appropriate online behaviour that extends beyond the digital world into facets of their everyday life. Through blocked page redirection Pebble Park helps you to...

Turn those unappealing “Blocked Page” messages

into enjoyable learning opportunities !!!

Australian schools and parents with vulnerable children are adopting this logical, self regulating, and opportune-time approach to keeping children updated on online safety. Pebble Park reminds them how they can support their peers and reduce, if not eliminate, cyberbullying!

By replacing a typical “Blocked Page”                        with something educational, similar to this.

Pebble Park has the following visions, which we hope that you will share:
  Freedom and Abundance Nobody wants their options to be restricted
  Children Maturity Children know best and can take a lead role in Online Safety
  Personal Responsibility Early and more frequent opportunities for children to learn and develop their own styles – under supervision
  Peer Support Together they can achieve change
  Guidance Parents, Teachers, Experts provide guidance
  Technology to Support Technology is a tool for interpersonal interaction. It should never take the lead role
We are inviting organizations, parents, teachers and students to be part of the creation of a new limitless appropriate online culture. 
Who should be involved
  Any Australian School in any State or Territory
  Government Departments, State and Federal
   Youth Organisations
  Community and Public Associations
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An ideal online world? It is possible...

How perfect would it be if your children were able to take ownership of the challenges directly impacting them? We replace the word “blocked" with hundreds of learning opportunities aimed at teaching Online Safety, Personal Responsibility, Environmental Responsibility and Leadership. Much of our content is written by students, for students, with the help of industry experts, making it relevant and accessible. The result? Children are self-moderated and support each other to reduce undesirable online activities like cyberbullying and protect themselves from harm and moral decay.

Our site is backed by a group of industry experts, with the number one priority of proactively protecting and empowering your children in the online environment and beyond. We are committed to empowering children to manage their own safety; but also to ensuring that it happens efficiently, comprehensively, engagingly and in a constantly-evolving manner. The continual updating of the content on our platform assists parents and teachers to keep up with the ever-changing dangers of cyberspace.

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Why get involved?

Because you want to be part of a global level creation of the new limitless online culture. Over the upcoming weeks and months we are rolling out a plethora of fascinating and relevant interviews, stories, polls and activities that will shape the new online culture. You are invited to bring your ideas to this space and be part of this new era of online interaction. Sign up to take part now! Or if you are a school or parent and would like to have our platform be available to your students or children, sign up here!

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We want to guide and empower our future leaders in the challenges that they face today and into the future. The messages that young people get from our site extend beyond the digital world to enhance facets of their everyday life.

If you would like to purchase our service for your home, youth organization or school, sign up here.

If you have an idea, initiative, product or service that supports our values and goals, contact us online. Perhaps your company could sponsor children to write on a particular issue. Whatever you have to offer, your contribution could have a positive impact on the future of Australia.

Young People – become a member today

Have you ever been frustrated, angry, sad or frightened about something happening in your life, but had no-one to talk to? As a member of Pebble Park, you can be supported by your peers and support others through your experiences.

  •   Share your stories with other young people struggling with the big issues;
  •   Ask questions and get answers that are informed by experience;
  •   Expand your horizons to tackle issues which you may not have thought about before;
  •   Learn how to be cyber safe; and
  •   Have fun!
You never know where Pebble Park might take you, so get in early. Sign up to take part now!

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